What to expect

Mike Simmonds will prayerfully and through studying both the scriptures and the current world, bring messages that will challenge, inspire as well as deepen an appreciation and understanding of the Bible.

Bible focused

Quality visuals

Practical challenge


Contributing to the Sunday preaching programme to provide inspiration, challenge and encouragement.

Speaking at a variety of events, services and meetings (primarily to targeted adult groups) to present the gospel in creative and relevant ways.


Providing teaching series of an expository nature to gain both an understanding but also application of the Bible to personal life.


Training on aspects of biblical hermeneutics and bible interpretation – from books to pulpit!

Strategic thinking

Work with the leadership in reviewing the Church and it’s Community in order to develop a vision and strategic plan that will provide a guide for moving forward and reaching out.

Profiling of the Church

Advising, supporting and where appropriate fronting opportunities to make the ministry of the Church known amongst other churches, networks and especially in the community.

The aim is to serve.

The focus is scripture.

The outcome is transformed lives.