Stand up!

This weekend I am eagerly anticipating a visit to the O2 arena to see and hear Michael McIntyre.

Slide1.jpg If the last time we went to one of these events is anything to go by I will not stop laughing for a couple of hours.  My wife commented: “it was as funny watching you laugh as it was to watch Michael McIntyre”.  Come on, don’t take the Michael!

Stand up comedy is very popular these days.  You can catch it on mainstream TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime, by DVD, in clubs and arenas.  I am something of a fan!  But, it strikes me – leaving the humour aside for a moment – that many comedians are ‘observers of people’ and by the nature of what they do are quasi preachers of what they observe.  Sometimes political, questioning behaviours and often quite challenging.  What they rarely do is set out to change behaviour or provide solutions, or do they?  By reason of making us think about ourselves, fellow humans and society at large it maybe that some viewers change their own future and that others in some small way.

I’m no comedian, although I have been know to use humour.  I have a serious message and the Bible contains much thought provoking, life changing material to teach.  This week I have been studying and preparing a message I’m calling ‘First Man! This Man!’ (for reasons I may give in a subsequent blog) based on Acts 5v20:

First Man Acts 5.jpg

The question for me as a preacher is where, when and for how long?  It won’t be the O2 or for a two hour monologue, for sure!  But I am intent on developing a schedule of opportunities in 2019 – see my earlier blog: A honest plea.

These days and not unlike a comedian arranging the ‘tour’ requires invitations.  Unlike Peter and the early Apostles  we can’t just turn up at a place of worship and expect to speak – or anywhere else for that matter!

Would you recommend this website to your church leaders?

Can you broker an opportunity to preach or teach?

Why not contact me to discuss where, when and what?  We can also consider the ‘how long question’!