From Chelmsford Cathedral to The Dining Rooms

I can just begin to catch my breath!  The past three weeks have been quite a journey.  Here’s a taste:

  • Chelmsford Cathedral for an iSINGPop Christmas Concert – an exciting mixture of Christmas songs telling the story and children giving the message.  The icing on the cake was a masterful and direct talk by Bishop Stephen on how the nativity invites us to be part of the story.
  •  A round of Christmas nativities and concerts in eight schools , often providing the opportunity to say a word of thanks and make reference to the truth of the story told by the songs, narratives and drama.
  • All intertwined with a number of governance meetings, conversations with headteachers and others about the challenges and issues we are facing, parental complaints and staffing needs. A team meeting, breakfast meeting with a colleague and finishing today with lunch with colleagues (The Dining Rooms).
  • An appointment processes for a new clerk and an additional director.

Confirmed is my part as a tutor again for the Liverpool Hope University online course in Spring term 2019.

I wonder if and how I could have had space to conduct services this Christmas, though I miss that privilege and opportunity more than I can explain.  Will 2019 be the year I am able to develop the preaching ministry again that this website is about?

I need your prayers, promotion and encouragement as I look out over the horizon of Christmas,as and New Year and look forward to serving God in whatever way is made possible.

May you know God’s blessing and peace this Christmas.