Useless? NO!

Paul writes to Philemon watched by the ‘runaway slave’, Onesimus

The 2019 Philemon Project

Last summer, on a beach, I committed to studying and writing about the shortest book in the New Testament.  A booklet really! One chapter that I have loved since the days I used to re-tell the story in holiday clubs back in the 80’s.  But, I was useless and became too busy to focus my attention to the task!

Useless? No!

Like Onesimus I am renewing that commitment in 2019.

I plan to unpack the narrative, the text and the teaching.  Watch the video below and read on for further information:

Below you will see 3 slides from a presentation I have entitled from Books to Pulpit,  that guide me in my study and preaching.

Taking the narrative I will explore the context:

I will explore the themes contained in this ‘letter’ and discover the hidden and relevant truths:

Some of the ideas and teaching that Paul writes about has real relevance in 2019, such as:

  • partnership
  • discipleship
  • Changed relationships
  • workplace relationships
  • mentoring
  • impact of growing older
  • courage
  • facing ups to responsibility
  • speaking truth wisely
  • writing emotionally
  • answered and unanswered prayer

and so the list could go on – and that’s before I’ve studied more!

Image result for help me

I know, that if I have speaking opportunities to unpack what I am learning I will make more progress, more quickly.  My goal is to have a variety of opportunities such as:

  1. a one off Sunday preaching opportunity
  2. a series of 3 to 6 studies on consecutive Sunday’s or midweek (in a month or spread over a longer period)
  3. a church weekend

I will also release some recorded messages on this website – either live recordings or podcasts.

No congregation is too small (or too large).  As is my way, any message will be both accompanied projected graphics and applied appropriately to the context and as I sense God speaking.


As Paul wrote to Philemon in verse 6:

“I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be effective in deepening your understanding of every good thing we share for the sake of Christ.” 

Contact me to plan the appropriate opportunity for you or send the link to your church leader/administrator.