The following is so true, “The ability people display tends to make you have faith in what they can deliver”. 

I have been privileged to be in meetings that Mr Simmonds has chaired and that’s when I first noticed his exceptional ability in chairing meetings with a keen eye for detail and also with that, his personal faith that shines through what he does; and his communication style is very engaging.

In light of Mr Simmonds’ ability which I noticed (I had faith in what he could deliver), I did request if he could come and preach in my church which he kindly accepted.  And on one occasion, he did suggest a text (although I had another one in mind), but when I saw the text, it was clear that Mr Simmonds had chosen that text in light of the fact that majority of the audience (children) will engage better with the text.  This just goes to show that he pitches his messages in a way the audience in front of him can understand.

His preaching is laced with wisdom, personal experience, faith and humour; what more can you ask for?

Rev. David Ibiayo (Rector of St. Chad, Vange and Priest-In-Charge of St. Margaret’s Bowers Gifford with North Benfleet)


I have had the privilege of sharing ministry with Mike and what I love about Mike’s offerings to the world is that he is someone who is able to connect our questions with God’s story in creative ways. He is a passionate creative leader with deep integrity and is able to communicate the gospel message of faith, hope and love to all ages and all backgrounds.

So if you are looking for someone to inspire you then Mike is your man!

Rev Jane Day, Baptist Minister & Integral Professional Coach!

Stop the clock!

Mike is not your normal speaker; he will have fully researched his thoughts and topic, along with a professional presentation, and take you on a journey, maintaining your interest throughout, and having you glance at the clock, hoping he hasn’t noticed the time, cause you don’t want it ending!

Kev Remmington, Church Member & pulpit supply arranger

Able Communicator

I have known Mike for a number of years now and have heard him preach and lead services a great deal over the years, both in the Baptist church where I was a was member for many years in Essex, and in my own church here in Kent more recently.

Mike is a clear and able communicator who preaches in an engaging style. His understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith is deep and he opens up the text with faithfulness and relevance to the contemporary Christian and secular world, utilising modern technology in his messages. I would heartily recommend him as a Bible teacher and preacher.

Rev Andrew P Mumford, Minister, South Ashford Baptist Church